Blackjack – Go or Stand?

Throughout the game of Blackjack, you will find that the most common problem you find is that you need to decide whether or not you will stand or whether or not you will go for it. Whilst it’s always nice to push yourself right to the limit of 21 to give yourself an imperious chance of victory, it’s a failed philosophy in many ways. It promotes too many failures and too many cards coming out to shoot you in the foot, so it’s better to take your time with Blackjack and understand the pace of the game you are involved in.

How is the momentum swinging in the game itself? Is the dealer getting a lot of luck and beating you time and time again? Then perhaps you need to stop chancing the high numbers. A good way to play Blackjack is to put the pressure on the dealer and just work from their progress. If you can see that their up card gives you a good chance of getting some joy VS what you have, then you might want to get involved with going. However, remember that every Go has a chance of stopping you totally.

Therefore it’s vital to be able to play at varied tempos. When the mood is with you and it’s all going your way you should be quite aggressive with soft hands, especially if you are playing against a relatively weak dealer card. Always make sure that you can enjoy the perfect level of consistency in a game in terms of choosing the right kind of style – going for the weakest cards like 6-2 means that you should be ready to play aggressive and go against cards, especially 6s and 5s.

It can be quite tricky for the newbie to the game to get their heads around and master but when you learn the aspect of effectively counter attacking the blackjack dealer you can start to get far more success in the long-term as you play. It’s all about being able to learn what your place is during that hand; for example, if you are dealt a six it usually makes up 16 and having a hard 16 is among the worst hands you can actually play with when you are involved with Blackjack.

Confused? We’d recommend checking out some YouTube videos for the site you use to get tips.