Jacks or Better Video Poker – Playing Effectively

The Jacks or Better video poker game is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable out there – it’s got a particularly unique style that makes it really easy to get involved with. Its rampant popularity comes from the fact that the game itself is so easy to use, and also offers some very interesting rewards.

The other side of the coin, though, is that Jacks or Better requires a far more tactical input than many other video poker games out there. Whilst they all require skill to do well at, this does need a very specific style to succeed with.

Whether or not you can get that kind of skill put in place is a different matter, of course, but we recommend that you consider the following tips to try and make your game a little bit more effective;

  • Try and remember that tactics are a far different thing to strategy; tactics are more “in the moment” and will test your ability to read the situation at that moment in time instead of being able to manage the entire game itself. You need to be able to understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy when you first start playing Jacks or Better
  • The cards that really will make a difference in any particular game of Jacks or Better will be the ones that will change the way that you actually play that hand. Whilst most hands are fairly straightforward there will be the odd time where you need to go down a proverbial crossroads; this occurs when you have two draws to pick from, or the choice between going for a pair and a draw
  • If you are playing with a high pair, and you could also have a flush draw, you could go for the high option and make sure that you keep the two key cards (in this example, two Aces). The better option, though, might be to keep the high pair instead as it can serve you better on another hand
  • However, if you have a low pair and can make a flush draw with it, you might want to keep the flush draw instead of the pair. High pairs tend to outpower a flush draw in Jacks or Better, whereas flush draws will overpower a low pair

Tactical training is available all across the web, too!