Better Joker Poker

If you have never played a game of Joker Poker before then you actually missing out; it’s a very unique concept and will test your quality and ability to do things right as it’s a very unique style of poker in comparison to many other forms available. However, it’s variance in style and formats can make it a real challenge – the most challenging style of Joker Poker, for example, is the Kings or Better format.

In these games, you will be using a 5/3 table and will typically be playing with a 7x win for a full house. This comes with a 1x payout for two pair, as well. However, by going along these lines, you will only be able to improve pairs to a three of a find or better to actually boost the potential level of your payout.old joker playing card

This decreases the value in general of all one pair hands, and therefore it’s vital to be able to understand how this is going to affect the game you are playing. Given the fact that these games introduce the joker, it becomes really easy to make up a three of a kind hand in comparison to other kinds of poker.

Therefore, it’s very important to be able to manage your hands and be able to understand the flow of the game. Let’s say you hand that was something like XQJT2, and you had no flush draw. This gives you the chance to do one of two things;

  • Keep a one pair hand with the joker
  • Go for a straight draw

If you win, you will typically get something in the region of 1.46x payout whilst if you get the draw you will get roughly 1.38x. You need to get involved regularly with Better Joker Poker to fully be able to understand how this works at its fullest. It will take some time to get there as you need to memorize all the kinds of payout levels that each game offers you, and this can be the real challenge for many people.

To get there in the end, though, you simply need to be able to make the most of the hand you have; in the example given above, you will be able to boost your earnings dramatically if a King emerges. A King or higher can boost the payout even further, so start jotting those figures down!

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