Making Sense of Wild Symbols

When it comes to playing slot machines there is often much more to a slot games design than just the base game and any additional bonus games and bonus features. In fact, some of the more recently launched slot games will boast all manner of different wild symbols that can perform more than one task!

Wild symbols were originally dreamed up as a way of helping players form additional winning combinations, as those types of symbols would stand in for most other symbols on a slot machine reels.

However, over the years additional built-in features have also been attached to wild symbols, and to help you make sense of those additional features we have an overview of some of the newer wild symbols you will find on most types of slots!

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Standard Wild Symbols – A standard Wild symbol will stand in for most or even all of the other reel symbols on each reel but you should always check the pay table of any slot you are playing just to make sure you are aware of any symbols they will not stand in for!wild!

Expanding Wild Symbols – Expanding Wild symbols are simply wild symbols that will grow in size whenever they have spun into view. They will expand upwards and/or downwards and will cover the entire reel or reels that one of them has spun in on with wild symbols, so the more that spin in the more chances of forming a winning combination you will have!

Stacked Wild Symbols – These types of reel symbols are positioned on one or more reels in such a way that they are stacked one on top of each other, and that does of course mean when they spin in they could cover every visible reel position on any reel with wild symbols!

Random Wild Symbols – Some slot machines have a set of random wild symbols and those symbols are going to be added to randomly selected reel positions either as the reels are spinning or when they have stopped spinning, so they tend to be exciting slots to play as you never know which if any reel positions will become wild until they have appeared on the screen!

Wild Multipliers – Wild Multiplier symbols can turn any winning combination they have helped you form into a much higher paying one! Each of those types of symbols has a multiplier attached to them and that multiplier is what your winning payout will be boosted by.

Trailing Wilds – Playing a slot on which there are sets of Trailing Wild symbols will see those symbols leaving a trail behind them as the reels spin, each of the trails those symbols leave will turn into additional wild symbols once the reels finally come to a complete stop!

Spreading Wilds – If you play slot machines on which there are a set of Spreading Wild symbols then whenever you spin in those symbols they will spread out in a certain direction or in a random direction across the screen and every other reel symbols they touch or cover will get turned into wild symbols too.

Keep in mind that all of the major slot machine design companies will offer lots of unusual and unique Wild and other reel symbols on their slot games, and as such always be prepared to try out slots from lots of different companies, as you will always find plenty of them you do find appealing and will want to play time and time again.

Also, if you are looking for some of the next generation of slot games then it may be worth your time and effort tracking down some of the new skill based slot machines that offer players the chance of triggering true skill bonus games and bonus features, on which a players skill and ability at playing off those bonus games will reflect their winning chances!

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